Exceed Services

Exceed welcomes all athletes dedicated to reaching their full potential. The Club has a range of services and fees to suit different needs, budgets and lifestyles. Athletes can choose to either focus on a particular sport or a combination of the three. It is also possible to pay on a casual, regular or monthly basis. Athletes wishing to exceed their personal best should consider Exceed’s Full Programme service. The Full Programme service gives the coaching team the best possible chance to get to know an athlete and consistently work with them to foster those incremental improvements that will make all the difference on race day.

Full Programme

  • Written programme
  • Hands-on coaching
  • Race day coaching
  • Email and phone support and advice
  • Full access to all swim, cycle and run sessions
  • Full access to all social events


  • Hands-on coaching
  • Swim set advice
  • Stroke technique correction
  • Beginners one-on-one training
  • Dedicated training lanes
  • Full use of pool equipment
  • Group swimming
  • Both regular and casual attendance welcome
  • Convenient North of the River location
  • Easy parking


  • Hands-on coaching
  • Cycling set advice
  • Efforts training
  • Regular transition training sessions
  • Bi-monthly BRICK sessions
  • Dedicated Elite Squad training session
  • Saturday Group Session
  • Both regular and semi casual attendance welcome
  • Convenient north of the river location


  • Hands-on coaching
  • Run set advice
  • Efforts training
  • Separate Elite Squad and Beginner tracks
  • Both regular and casual attendance welcome
  • Convenient north of the river location
  • Easy parking

Swim* – Casual Fee is $10 per session**

Run – Tuesday Interval session, meeting at Yokine Reserve

* Please note that pool fees are extra. Swim sessions are run all year round.
**Beginners one-on-one sessions are $50 per 30 min session (pool)

***Athletes spending $100 receive a training card which allows them to avoid bringing cash to sessions.

****Full Programme runs all year.