Welcome to Exceed Triathlon Club

Exceed is a Triathlon Club for triathletes who are looking for the most effective way to achieve their full sporting potential.

Exceed is based out of two main metropolitan areas, including:

  • Inglewood – Senior and Senior Elite Athletes; and
  • Victoria Park – Junior and Junior Elite Athletes.

Exceed has a team of expert coaches who are passionate about helping triathletes exceed their goals and achieve the success that they have yet to dream of.

The Club focuses on mentoring individuals on how to improve their personal bests and its members have accomplished an impressive list of wins and places in State, Australian and World Championship events in Sprint, Olympic, Long and Ironman triathlon.

Athletes joining Exceed value a ‘hands-on’ approach to coaching. This approach includes a belief that you must know an athlete well in order to best guide them on how to reach their full potential and remain injury free.

A key element of the Club’s success is its ethos that a positive team spirit is central to improving individual member performances. Team members provide encouragement and support to each other and developing athletes receive invaluable guidance from the more established members.

Exceed Triathlon Club is the club for racing and training!

I have been at Exceed Triathlon Club from its inception a few years ago. I moved to the club based on the training ethos which includes pursuit of improvement and support of all athletes within the program. It is this ethos that still inspires me today. The club has many like-minded people creating a motivation to fulfill your potential. In the space of a few years, I have progressed from finishing a local 70.3 race in the middle of my age group, to competing at the Hawaiian Ironman for the last 3 years and posting my best ever time for that distance recently.

Rod Marton
3 x Hawaii Ironman 2x Australian Age Group Competitor Olympic Distance World Championships

The Exceed Triathlon Club has provided me with the ideal training environment to explore my racing potential. Since being apart of Exceed I have gone on to achieve results that I could not have even imagined. The people and the club ethos is like no other, and together they create a winning combination. I owe so much of my success to this amazing club.

Katy Duffield
7th Hawaii Ironman & 1st Female Age grouper Melbourne Ironman 2013

To love triathlon as a sport, past time, exercise regime
Be prepared to share your knowledge
Be respectful, positive and encouraging to your coach, fellow athletes and competitors
Enjoy your racing and training
Help your fellow team mate to become a better athlete
Give back more to the sport than your receive
Be proud

Exceed Triathlon Club Ethos

Joining Exceed Triathlon Club is the single best decision I have made in my sporting career. I’m surrounded by like minded people who strive to achieve success and have made lifelong friends. If you want to see what your body is capable of and realise your full athletic potential then Ross and the Exceed team are who you want to surround yourself

Nic Kitis
Tri- Newbie 2012/13 season podium placer

I’ve been a member of Exceed for almost two years now. It’s a fantastic club with a great culture. The environment that Ross has created brings out the best in his athletes and the results speak for themselves, whether it be producing some of the best age group results in the country or helping people compete in their first season of triathlon.

Amos Gollach
2013 Ironman World Champion 18-24

From finishing towards the back of the field to leading my age group in less than one year, my time spent with Exceed has been invaluable. The passion and enthusiasm that Ross and each and every club member holds for the sport is unsurpassed, creating the perfect environment for an athlete to learn from the group and reach their full potential. I am on track to compete in my first age group world championship event next year and look forward to many more successful years with Exceed.

Tom Giles
Tri- Newbie 2012/13 season & 2013/14 podium placer

Since 2009 I have been training with Ross and the Exceed Club, during this time I have seen it grow from just a small group of people training together to a large club that caters to all levels of athletes. Ross has taken me from a complete novice helping me to achieve my goal of representing Australia in 2010, to achieving WA Open Triathlete of the Year in 2013. Without Ross's extensive knowledge as a coach and the support of the club I would not have achieved what I have in the sport.

Katey Gibb
Open Female Triathlete of the Year 2013

Training with Ross and the Exceed squad has seen me on the podium in my age group at World Championships for sprint distance and now Ironman. These triathlon distances are worlds apart, and is indicative of the strength and versatility of the club. No matter what your goal, between the coach and the athletes at Exceed, you will be in the best position to reach your goals. Everyone at the club loves this sport, and we take it seriously, but there is also a great social network and camaraderie within the club that makes it so special. I am now one of three athletes at the club racing as a professional athlete in 2014. It’s because of the support from Ross and my training buddies that my racing career is about to hit a new level and has led me to set my sights on goals which were once way beyond my wildest dreams.

Michelle Duffield
2009 World Sprint Champion 20-24 & 2013 Hawaii Ironman World Championship Runner Up 25-29

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