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Exceed is a Triathlon Club based in Perth, WA. If you are and athlete who is looking for the most effective way to achieve their full sporting potential or just looking to improve your lifestyle through health and fitness, the Exceed is the place for you.
Based in the northern suburbs, Exceed was established by respected athlete, Ross Pedlow. Ross and his team of expert coaches are passionate about helping athletes Exceed their goals and achieve success that they have yet to dream of.
The Club focuses on mentoring individuals on how to improve their personal bests and its members have accomplished an impressive list of wins and places in State, Australian and World Championships in Sprint, Olympic, Long Course and Ironman.
Athletes joining Exceed value Ross and his team’s ‘hands-on’ approach to coaching. This approach includes a belief that you must know an athlete well in order to best guide them on how to reach their full potential and remain injury free.
A key element of the Club’s success is its ethos that a positive team spirit is central to improving individual member performances. Team members provide encouragement and support to each other and developing athletes receive invaluable guidance from the more established members.

Exceed Triathlon Club is a racing club.








Exceed Training 

Exceed has a team of expert coaches who are passionate about helping triathletes of all abilities exceed their goals and achieve the success that they have yet to dream of. 


Click below to find out more about the various training sessions Exceed has to offer and the coaches who run the sessions. 


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